Community Outreach

Pampered Pets Staff does angel tree for the pets at the Fluvanna SPCA

This year at our staff Christmas party we decorated our tree with Angles which had names of the pets at the Fluvanna SPCA on them. Everyone went out and purchased beds and/or toys for the pet that they chose. Santa then delivered the gifts to them and as you see, had a great time doing so. We hope that they all find homes very soon:)


Pampered Pets

Art Students Use Creative Gifts to Enhance Their Community

Some students at Charlottesville High School are using their creative sides to enhance the community around them. Through an extracurricular art group called The Order of Artisti, students completed their mural at Pampered Pets on Concord Avenue. The group volunteered more than 25 hours to decorate the walls of the doggie day care business. Watch the video below to learn more...

Read the full story on NBC29's website.

Pampered Pets Partners with the HOWS Project

Pampered Pets Partners with the HOWS Project

The HOWS Project is a community service project that exists to construct and deliver wooden dog houses (and bales of straw) to outside dogs in Charlottesville and surrounding counties in need of appropriate outdoor shelter.

The HOWS Project was created in 2008 by Stacey Norris, the Project Coordinator.In the first year of operation -- with the help of local schools’ carpentry classes, hardware and building supply companies, individual donors, animal control officers, and animal loving volunteers -- the HOWS Project built and distributed 51 dog houses to outside dogs in need in the Charlottesville, Albemarle, Greene, and Fluvanna areas. Bales of straw, rawhide, and dog biscuits were also given with each house, and – in some cases – water and food bowls as well. In total, 62 dogs benefited from the H.O.W.S. Project 2008.

The HOWS Project 2009 plans to build and distribute another 60 to 80 wooden dog houses, along with the important extras – straw, dog treats, nylon collars, and stainless steel food/water bowls. We are also organizing a straw drive, allowing us to re-supply past HOWS Project recipients with fresh straw for the cold winter months ahead.

Learn more about the HOWS Project and how you can help!

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